In the summer of 2016, after a white Asheville Police Officer shot and killed a black resident, and community members protested in deep grief and pain, the silence of local white churches was deafening. Faith 4 Justice Asheville emerged because of this silence, initially convening clergy and lay leadership from thirteen faith communities to reflect on and shape their role in addressing racial injustice as a faith practice. In the initial conversations, religious leaders revealed what is still true today: their most pressing social and cultural challenge is white supremacy culture, which is deeply embedded in institutional churches and exacerbated by the social and political landscape. Now is the time for faith leaders to change this dynamic.

Equity Missioner

Rev. Tami Forte Logan is the Equity Missioner of Faith 4 Justice Asheville – “faith leaders in the Asheville region provoking justice for and with Black and Brown bodied people through faith and racial equity work.” Her methodology is rooted in her faith, is trauma responsive, somatic and utilizes popular education, history, and compassionate truth-telling. Tami now resides in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and for over twenty years has advocated for and facilitated racial and economic justice in schools, nonprofits, foundations, government systems and churches across Western North Carolina and throughout the State of North Carolina. Tami believes that “confronting and interrupting white supremacy culture in all systems while cultivating collective liberation is vital in attaining ‘justice for all’”.

Discernment TEAM

David LaMotte, musician and author

Rev. Alexandra Lusak, PC (USA) clergywoman (retired) and social justice advocate

Rev. Milly Morrow, Rector, Grace Episcopal Church

Rev. Dr. Marcia Mount Shoop, Pastor/Head of Staff, Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church

Rev. Nancy Dixon Walton, Pastor, Trinity United Methodist Church

Faith 4 Justice Asheville gathers online monthly as a community for continued learning, relationship-building, and mutual accountability. Gatherings take place on the second Thursday of the month from 9:30-11:30 am. To learn more about, or to participate in these processes, please sign up for an orientation using the form below. Orientations also take place monthly on the second Thursday from 8:15-9:15 am

No Events

Please help us share the mission of Faith 4 Justice by sharing the graphic below with your faith community. Click here for a pdf suitable for printing and including in your worship handout.

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